SoBaT Programmes

School of Business and Trade offers following online Programmes from 1st March 2018.

How to enrol in a programme?

  1. Find out which courses are required in your chosen programme.
  2. Sign up at and self-enrol in the required courses.
  3. Complete and achieve minimum 60% grade in all required courses.
  4. Request for issue of the certificate of your chosen programme at

Enrollment is as simple as ABC. You cannot enrol directly in a programme. You need to complete all required courses first and then request a programme certificate. Once we have your certificate request we will then enrol you in your chosen programme and will transfer your SoBaT courses to your chosen programme.

To enrol in a course please click on your chosen course below and then you will be asked you to log in or register. And once you have logged in or registered you will see an option to enrol.


Fig 1. Sample Certificate & Transcript


Fig 2.Certificate can be verified online

If you would like to convert your courses into a programme and earn a verified programme certificate together with a transcript showing programme credits then you may order your certificate at Please make sure that you have completed the required courses of your chosen programme before requesting the certificate.

Please note that we have discontinued issuing hard copies of the certificate now we only issue PDF certificate. Hard copies can only be issued under exceptional circumstances and attract an additional charge to cover postage and packaging.